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Texting For Customer Engagement And Loyalty

I recently integrated texting with my VOIP. The great thing is I am receiving more responses now since adding text. Some leads will never respond to an email or voicemail, but they will text. I think texting is only going to increase.

I’m not sure if texting and messaging will kill email but it seems to me that our customer base checks email once a day and that’s why sms text is the best way to get in front of them and give them what they wanted.

Soon SMS will be a brand of messaging among many. Sophisticated companies are starting to compete and the carriers have been slow to innovate. Businesses looking at Messaging need to compare SMS, Messenger, iMessage and soon Whatsapp.

Millennials don’t answer their phones, therefore businesses need to find a communications channel that allows them to engage with their customers. Text-enabled phone numbers give businesses a way to reach customers through their preferred channel.

Apps require a lot of investment from both companies (to develop) and customers (to install). Texting is an easy workaround, and nowadays it’s possible to even integrate an SMS chat feature into web clients. This is easy and intuitive for everyone.