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The Consulting Class

How does the new model of an untethered creative network mentality affect the doers, builders and thinkers – and in turn, the quality of the work?

If your office was tropical, family-friendly or anywhere there’s WiFi, and the only hours you needed to keep were virtual meeting times, how would you feel?  


For semi-structure less existence.
For working during your most fruitful hours.
For paying off-peak prices.
For the ability to actually live the work/life balance that many preach, but few enjoy.
For those who empower and support your lifestyle by including you in collaborations.
For not needing a shower after the inevitable office politics.
For being wherever you need to be without having to ask permission.
For true freedom.

All while still being about to cover your rent. Or AirBnB.

Your heart would be filled with joy, your ideas packed of freshness, verve, spark, smells, sounds and spice. Full-flavored from the new experiences you absorb daily. Or tranquil and refreshed from the consistency of experience you’ve come to know in your regular life – just better.

Whether that’s seeing the world or seeing your kids, your dream life gets realized.

Even better, it is actually supported by your collaborators. A 180-degree turn from a world of clock watching, late nights delivery meals, desk lamp grind sessions, cleaning crew vacuum soundtracks and sacrificed weekends as currency. A new way.

The result? Energized, powerful people with fresh, universal ideas.

The Virtual Economy has created a new rogue unit: the Consulting Class.

A happy-go-lucky breed of present parents and global nomads who open-mindedly flip open their iPads and Bluetooth keyboards, white earbuds blocking out the distractions that surround. Playing children, crashing waves. It’s all the same.

Their raison d’etre? Great creative, washed down with life.

Empowered to cultivate their own unique voice from a synthesis of experiences. From actually being out there in the world rather than accessing it through a screen.

And as a wonderful perk, they collect checks, passport stamps, cones at their kids’ soccer practices and life experiences their shackled friends and ex-colleagues only live through vicariously.

To enjoy this balanced existence, efficiency is at a premium. From the clothes they move with to the duration of meetings and the time in which they get things done.

What would take 2 days in an office — fraught with the click-clack of heels, huddles around the latest must-see virals, with every lunch and coffee break in-between — takes half a day of barefoot concentration in your coastline hammock or home office Aeron.

This stillness, peace and comfort quiets the mind, sharpens the focus and distills creativity to its purest form. The professional working within industry standards morphs into a (commercial) artist transmitting a divine message. A citizen of their world.

The universal truths that illuminate as they move from culture to culture, or sparkle more brightly each day of their everyday routine, become the playpen for creativity. The holy grail of simple global appeal in thought, austerity in design and efficiency in planning are achieved.

And not a moment too soon.

Because their special someone got a last-minute reservation. An impossibility when tethered to an office chair and unrelenting meeting reminders. Maybe this relationship has a chance…

Or perhaps their new local friends offered to pick them up for a home-cooked indigenous meal at their Auntie’s house an hour into the countryside. An experience they never would have gotten on a resort, or while cramming to get as much in as possible in between begrudged replies to emails they’d well-prepared their underlings to handle in their allotted PTO.

But it’s not all Date Nights, fish tacos and full moon parties.

Working this way demands a variety of digital tools, a kick-ass producer to tether synchronous gravitational pulls and one of the most challenging human virtues: self-discipline.

Passing on an adventure to take a conference call isn’t easy. Finding reliable WiFi in small airports and remote locations takes effort. But if planned ahead, more often than not, things run smoothly.

And when a multidisciplinary team unites virtually, it is both liberating and exhilarating knowing that we’re carving out our collective individualism on our terms. Ushering in a neo-Renaissance. Softening the right angles, so work ain’t so square.

The work is better than ever.

And everybody wins.