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The World of Team Apps

One Stop Solution for Managers

Today, a large number of people use their cellphone as a device for solving many issues that they face in daily life. From calling a cab to booking a flight ticket, from getting tips about how to propose to a girl to how to be a good father, this device in our hands seems to be a one stop solution for several situations in our life.

Have you ever wondered, how did all this become possible? Who came up with such innovative ideas, properly understood customer requirements, invented or innovated unique solutions with no parallels in the past. They were people like you and me, quite ordinary and unknown, before they came up with such wonderfully innovative ideas that made them quite famous all over the world.

In the past no one must have thought that a cellphone will bring out such a drastic change in our lives that we will feel handicapped without one. Yes, a cellphone has made our life simple and easy. It is one thing that has replaced a watch, a calculator, a camera, a computer, a radio, a TV and of  course the telephone.

Looking back in time, during the days when I was a child, I remember going door to door, ringing the doorbell of my friends’ place to call them for a game or two. And there were days when no one turned up and it felt like a sheer waste of time. We did not have mobile phones, and telecom operators used to charge a lot for calls made from landline phones. However, connected kids of today will never have this problem thanks to apps like TeamSnap, an application for the manager of today. One can communicate with one’s team with great ease. Now you must be thinking, so what? Whatsapp groups can do the same. But can it also share the schedule of events, check availability of members via an RSVP feature and track payments. Oh yes, TeamSnap is a group organisation application that makes managing a team much easier. It is due to these applications and the great advancement in technology and communications, that I feel my childhood would have been more organized, had I been born 15 years later. While TeamSnap claims to be number one used application for group or team management, there are other apps like TeamApp and InstaTeam that are trying to leave a mark in the same area.

In addition to sports, these applications can also be used by organizations, industry and public or private groups very effectively. With more and more of us expected to have access to internet by 2020, a big market and a huge user base is  waiting for their problems to be solved, few of them will be tackled by these team management applications. Bigger the market, larger is the scope for all these team apps.