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Salsify: throwing it right

A healthy retailer supplier relationship is like a healthy marriage that nurtures happy children and sometimes I can’t help feeling like the neglected child of some household machinery very much in need of some oiling. As a retail buyer of online goods, I can quote several instances when an improper image of a handbag led me to buy a color I didn’t want, or I couldn’t figure out the number of items in a particular dress or when despite really liking a product I couldn’t proceed to buy because there was no match between the size help chart provided by the retailer and the size drop down to choose from. Like most other customers I’m not going to waste my time calling up customer care to get more information about the product. Either I simply forget about it or look up the product on a competitor’s website. That’s obviously a loss for the retailer and more often than not for the supplier too.

There are many concerns mottling the retailer-supplier relationship and the seamless flow of consistent, accurate and up to date information about products is a major pain point. Therefore, the good intentions of an outcrop of Product Information Management software providers are being appreciated in the industry. Among some of the best known brands such as Oracle, Hybris (SAP) and IBM Infosphere, is Salsify, a cloud based, multilingual, B2B product content management work horse that integrates easily with ERP, DAM and Ecommerce platforms. It allows the creation of a central reservoir of product data, real time data replenishment and multi-channel data distribution.

If a supplier’s PIM system is underperforming, it is going to hit revenue. Buyers, after a few frustrating experiences will make it a point to keep away from either the products or the retailers that the supplier chooses to work with because as a customer with lots of buying options I’m not going to be very forgiving of such blatant inefficiency especially in case of products like consumer electronics.

Salsify product content management software ensures that all teams across channels are in sync with respect to product content. It also helps a supplier ensure a required level of data quality and number of product attributes. Better and reliable content helps drive quicker sales and cuts cost by reducing client complaint handling and returns.

There are several other brands, some ideal for the B2C business, such as inRiver, ASIM, Stybo and Informatica. However, Salsify focuses purely on the B2B segment. The long term success of any ecommerce platform depends heavily on supply chain and product management. They are in fact the best marketing tools. The sooner it is understood, the better it will be for all parties involved. For now I’m sticking to a website that gives me a great video of the product.