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Top 7 Ideas To Promote Your Products For Free (Or Almost Free)

Whether Your Company Operates At A Local Or Global Level

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Running social or web competitions is a high-ROI tactic to get leads and promote products. People are attracted by online contests and giveaways. These are proven and effective strategies to engage both customers and new prospects.

Hubspot reports that 1/3 of the entrants to a contest accept to receive information from brands and partners, and that a campaign results in companies getting +34% new Facebook fans.

Before starting your own contest, you should set your goals (they should be measurable, clear and timely!) and develop your promotion based on the objective that you want to reach. Then, you should find a prize that is valuable for your audience and is worth the effort you ask the users. Finally, entering the competition should be extremely easy: this is why it is suggested to use a software to implement your contest.

List of free (and paid) tools to run social media and web contests

Software to run contests

Comparison between contest software

2.  Start an affiliate program

You can promote your product and your services for free, by asking users to refer your business to their family and friends. You will get new customers and boost your sales thanks to the power of trusted recommendations and word-of-mouth. Your products will be exposed to a lot of prospects, without any cost.

Top free (and almost free) tools to run an affiliate marketing campaign

Best affiliate software

3. Leverage free Wi-Fi to generate leads & get behavioral data

Marketers can leverage Social Wi-Fi Hotspots and WiFi-based analytics to generate new leads and gather user data. Wi-Fi is a proven, powerful promotion and lead generation tool.

Social WiFi is much appreciated by users, as it is the easiest way for them to access a free public hotspot. It is easy to use and can be quickly deployed by using a dedicated professional software, like Tanaza (more about data capture through Wi-Fi). Furthermore, Wi-Fi cloud management software allows network administrators to add image and video advertisements to the login pages.

Wi-Fi Social Login and Data Capture tool

4. Free email marketing tools

Email marketing is not only for large companies with a dedicated marketing department. Thanks to many excellent online tools, everyone can start sending a monthly newsletter, for free. Email marketing is low-cost (or free) and can be a huge boost for small businesses and companies willing to get their messages to prospects and customers.

The effectiveness of email marketing largely depends on your database source: databases generated organically (people that actively sign up to receive marketing communications) are the most effective, secondly followed by anyone signing up in response to your campaigns: like people entering an online contest (see 1# of this list) or people that used your Wi-Fi network (see 3# of this list). Email marketing on outbound databases, including people that don’t know your company and products yet, don’t usually bring any result and are also considered illegal in some countries.

Tool for free email marketing (up to 2000 users)

5. Improve SEO and blogs

Thanks to SEO, Search Engine Optimization, you can promote your products by increasing traffic to your website or blog. Getting visibility on search engine results can be done at no cost, only by writing original and interested content targeted to your audience.

The best way to regularly publish content is to start blogging and update your pages weekly. Start optimizing your website for SEO now

6. Get press coverage

If you are a marketer, maybe you have experienced the value that a good press coverage can bring to your business. Press coverage brings new visitors on the website, more attention over your product, more customers. Basically, there are three ways to have your company and products covered by the press: first, you can hire a PR firm to manage your press relations online and offline; or, you can distribute your press releases through newswires; last but not least, you can pitch journalists one by one with relevant content (that is free, but time-spending!).

Pitching a journalist

Press Releases Services

7. Use “Pay with a Tweet”

“Pay with a Tweet” is a referral marketing tool for Twitter, available free or paid. Basically, it allows you to gate a content or an offer only to users that Tweet your content. Thanks to this tool, you can increase your social visibility for free!