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Virtual Tourism

3 VR Business Opportunities That Are Immediately Implementable

What I look forward to most about virtual reality is not the fantasy worlds it is supposed to open up, but the new ways in which we will be able to experience life. Virtual tourism will soon allow us to visit anywhere on earth. It is much closer to being publicly available than you might expect. Just last night I was wandering around a hillside in Scotland, without leaving my office in downtown Seattle. I literally mean that I was physically walking around the virtual space which was this hillside. The tech is here, and it’s damn impressive.

There are a handful of virtual tourism options that are achievable now with the tech we have. I am going to briefly go over three of them in this article. I will provide more in-depth looks at each one of them later. All of the tools needed are currently in development or just hitting the market. It will take fellow entrepreneurs who are just ahead of the curve to utilize these new tools and create these experiences.

360 Degree Videos. Chances are that you have seen some of the new Youtube 360 degree videos floating around on the internet. These give you the ability to change the POV in your browser. You can also use Google Cardboard viewer. With accompanying headsets, the experience hits its real potential. There are a several 360 degree cameras hitting the market. These videos are going to become the norm over the next couple of years. Soon you will be able to take a break by putting on a head set and playing a video of a tropical beach or mountain meadow. A mini vacation to escape from the stress without leaving your desk.

Full Immersion VR. Similar to a modern video game, full immersion VR will allow you to freely roam a 3D environment created from a physical space. I like to call this, reality-based VR. There are a variety of methods used to turn physical spaces into virtual spaces. These are full color highly detailed 3D captures.  This will be an ideal way to preserve sensitive environments. It will also allow people to explore these environments according to their choice. Ancient ruins, natural wonders, and remote locations will soon be as close as our VR goggles. In the next couple of years it will become possible to stream full 3D environments in real time.

Drone Tours. Drones and cameras are a wonderful combination, on par with chocolate and peanut butter. Grab your goggles and join in a real time streaming guided drone tour from Luxor Temple in Egypt, with a historian explaining the sights and the glorious history behind them. We can also have a semi-autonomous drone that stays within its allowed course through Angkor Wat that you control. The camera’s gimbal can be paired to the movements of your headset. Need more excitement? Take a first person view racing drone on a high speed canyon run. Multi rotor cameras are going to be buzzing around everywhere.

The possibilities in this emerging field are only limited by how we choose to use these new tools. The biggest challenges facing these possibilities are the entrepreneurs. There are not enough entrepreneurs working in this field. The majority in the VR space are working on hardware. While most entrepreneurs in general seem to be focused on apps.  Do you really want to work on the “Uber of restrooms” app? Wouldn’t you rather work on a live streaming full immersion 3D tropical island service? I am, and it’s a lot more fun.