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Web Monitoring Tools

Enterprise Essentials In The Internet World

Web performance and web monitoring form part of the most critical issues which currently impact the digital world. Web performance issues impact almost every business. E-Commerce services and site performances are getting routinely affected for considerable periods of time because of multiple issues related to DNS, technological malfunctions, outages, connectivity problems, networking and route leaks which affect any website passing through these networks.

With Internet of Things (IoT) creating a synchronisation of multiple devices and multiple platforms, the users nowadays have started accessing data instantaneously from almost everywhere. Every enterprise has to ensure that its technology products and IT provides consistent confidence and peak performance to its end users with quick and effective response time. This can be accomplished only by analysing, notifying and troubleshooting quickly and accurately. IoT’s multiple interface points, both for front-end and back-end users have to be customer friendly and flexible as per the changing user and enterprise requirements.

Web monitoring companies like site24x7, Monitis, Solarwinds, Compuware-owned Gomez and Keynote Systems, and Catchpoint offer advanced and easy to use testing tools which have pre-emptive monitoring and measuring capabilities throughout the complete interaction life cycle.

Enterprises using web monitoring software of Catchpoint are provided with flexible tool options to monitor data along with the ability to configure timelines, test, measure, report and analyse performances. These tools are giving enterprises, the required control in measuring performances and taking appropriate actions based on customized insights. They also enable the enterprise or the developer to monitor websites and take measurements without modifying the existing code. The enterprise user can actually test all the transactional steps of end user activities and also perform complete back end tracking. This analysis gives immense insight to the enterprise and helps generate useful inferences which can lead to the execution of meaningful actions, both strategic and tactical.

The tools offered by Catchpoint and some of the other monitoring companies also adds mobile monitoring across different networks and mobile browsers. These tools perform monitoring at the data center level, test upcoming code releases in pre-production environments, understand connectivity from branch offices or retail stores across platforms and ensure smart alerting with a very comprehensive set of alert options.

As an enterprise user, you can debug and troubleshoot through visual experiences, starting from how a webpage uploads to inspecting performances at the packet level. The analytics engine allows you to design unique charts like waterfall, filmstrip, etc across 20 different data criteria. The raw data can be stored for up to 2 years.

These clear, flexible and measurable analytical tools keep the customers happy and colleagues productive. The softwares provided by Catchpoint provide you with accurate tracking of your website performance, help detect areas of website improvement thus increasing conversion rate and boosting earnings. The web monitoring and performance tools from such companies ensure accurate testing and root cause analysis of data.

These tools have become imperative for enterprises to get clear, accurate and proactive insights about the understanding of the end-user’s experience. They also enable quick and proactive troubleshooting. Tools from Catchpoint boost performances, and ensure continuous improvements in the process, The final prize of all this is that there is a marked increase in revenue generation.

Further innovations and advancement in services provided by these tools will result in greater customer satisfaction in the days to come.