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Webcasting Tools For Enterprises

As seamless communication is one of the top enterprise priorities, the integration of technology in employee engagement has gained paramount importance. Product offerings from Adobe Connect, Cisco Webex and MediaPlatform are highly efficient in providing engaging, interactive, easy to use and cost effective video solutions. These organisations are now providing advanced online streaming of videos to ensure efficient communication for the enterprise and its partners.

The product tools offered from many of these platforms, enable enterprises to enhance their CEO townhalls, training and development, corporate video communication and marketing requirements.

With employees and partners presence across geographies, platforms and devices, the video communication platform offered by such providers ensures that global workforces are connected for effective employee performance, knowledge sharing and collaboration.

The media assets of the organisation are managed like a corporate YouTube. The users can utilise robust search capabilities and integration for intranets and other social platforms. The live and on-demand streaming video presentations help enhance knowledge sharing, ensure effective employee training and increase sales productivity.

Product offerings like “webcaster” from MediaPlatform ensures enterprises are able to webcast to virtually any end user, regardless of location or content-distribution technology.

With the popularisation of BYOD (bring your own device) and IOT devices and the need of employees to be constantly engaged and quickly updated, webcast companies are ensuring that internal corporate communication, training, development, and marketing requirements are integrated through superior live-webcasting and on-demand video and interactive webinar solutions.

With the increase in video consumption, video-based tools enable organisations to easily install and customise the platform, thus enabling engagement of both employees for internal or corporate communication, training and development, and connecting with customers for marketing and lead generation purposes.

With the availability of all these platforms, enterprises in the IOT age can make their educational content universally accessible across the organisation. This content can be distributed quickly to the entire target audience, thereby ensuring execution of effective and efficient training and development programs. 

Webcasting enables marketing and leads generation in an interactive and engaging way. Analytics of data further helps in improved prospecting and sales cycles.

The webcasting tool from MediaPlatform enables the enhancement of employee engagement especially where the demand for webcasts and webinars, needs to include pre-recorded or live videos. These webcasts provide end users with a very high quality of video and audio streaming experience limited only by user bandwidth. These software tools also manage advanced security and real-time user data. Webcasting tools have indeed revolutionised communication across the globe for enterprises. The ultimate beneficiary is the end user who gets to have innovative video experiences .