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What Is Next In Content Marketing

As consumer expectations for content quality soars to new heights, the desire for useful content over blatant sales pitches is transforming the way technology marketers think in regards to interactive content, customer engagement and website optimization for lead generation. 

Content marketing technology will move, with demand, towards end-to-end platforms that enable collaborative, integrated content creation, management and distribution, and for the foreseeable future video will lead the way.

Rise of content discovery aggregators like brax to help manage content campaigns from multiple companies within the same platform and the programmatic buying of content marketing by increasingly sophisticated marketers.

The future of marketing is in creating movements based on stories. Brands that succeed will turn their slogans into an editorial thesis and become experts in social distribution.

Common reliable customer data will enable machine learning based intelligent recommendations, guiding marketing and sales to deliver relevant content to the right customer at the right time, via the right channels.

The mobile + online video combination will drive a massive increase in real-time audiovisual content which will be transmitted through platforms such as Facebook Live, Periscope and Snapchat.

The perspective of a product user is significantly more compelling than canned marketing messages. The shift towards advocate marketing will drive authentic, trustworthy content to help brands create impactful strategies.

Rise of automatic, google-friendly robotic content creation by tools with similar technology as in chatbots (machine learning content generation).

Content marketing technology will continue to facilitate more personalized and interactive content as a strong emphasis is placed on the relevancy and engagement level of each piece of content.

As Content Marketing continues to build link credibility and help position in competitive spaces we believe more content marketing tech will come out. However, there is no easy process or sure fire way as building relationships are more important than easy tech processes or solutions.

In the next few quarters, skills for pinpointing target distribution, and the ability to understand analytics are going to be increasingly critical qualities in order to thrive in today’s technical marketing environment.

Video will be a key driver for content marketing growth. With a focus on quality, 3-5 minute guides can be distributed across multiple platforms.

People recognise the value of content marketing but can’t generate quality content quickly enough. I see a trend moving towards the adoption of technologies/ platforms that can streamline these processes.

The future lies in automation. We’re already heading in that direction in other fields and content marketing is no different. I expect analytics and promotion to be hit the hardest!

Content platforms will continue to refine their algorithms, making it even more difficult to obtain significant organic reach, which means organic efforts need to be highly focused and valuable to have impact.

Video will dominate and rise above all other content marketing outlets, especially with the evolution of live-streaming.

As Content Marketing becomes more crowded, viewers will continue to lean on trusted data rather than opinion and conjecture.

Snapchat will continue to grow its presence, particularly with older demographic. Marketers and corporations will take Instagram more seriously.

With the adoption of live streaming from companies like Facebook I expect live content to explode in the coming months. Most of these videos will be streamed in vertical format.

The future of Content Marketing is Interactive Content that helps users solve problems. Lead gen must play second fiddle to being truly and inherently useful.

People stop buying content and companies realize their customers need to hear their voice. They learn that content marketing is about a genuine desire to help customers make better decisions.

We are living in a mobile, post-cookie world. Marketers must begin to make more effective use of cross-device, probabilistic tracking technologies like audio beacons and sniffers to target consumers.

Online platforms will continue blocking content from viewers using adblocker software. Whether users retaliate by abandoning these sites to get their content fix elsewhere, we’ll have to wait and see.

Content Marketing will focus on long-read articles and make a major shift to video. Video is simple, because it already fits both mobile and the desktop. A natural location for great content.


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  1. Let me answer in short that Interactive Content is the future of Content Marketing. Let me go deep into it

    1. ) This article is in itself a great example of the future content marketing. Notice the designing of this article, No congested paragraphs or long lines of content have been used in this article. A very innovative type of style is used in this article of taking words from other people and curating in the form of cards of content that is the reason why this article is so interactive. In other words, this article is peer-sourced from the industry leaders and it has real human faces in the form of their thinking that connects the relationship graph for organic promotions.

    2.) Interactive Content marketing gives you the opportunity to convert your users into leads. Let me take an example – when you see that your visitor is continuously reading the article till the very end and is there on that web page for quite a long time then you should have a pop-up sliding up from the right-hand side to collect his/her details and later you could easily pitch your product/service via email autoresponders or SMS service. I also use one smart pop-up which trigger when the user is about to leave my website so that before leaving he becomes my regular customer.

    3.) Apart from the above strategies, you should not forget to include a dynamic form like quiz, poll, survey, assessment. These things will help the audience to engage with your content more and reduce the bounce rate of your website. Video is the king of engagement so always include a video version of your whole content.

    4.) The data collected above should be used to hold a conversation with your leads. Ask contextual questions and make use of that data to customize offers to individual preferences and needs.

    5.) Periscope, Snapchat and Facebook Live are taking over the traditional content marketing. The reason behind this is that they are very interactive and present everything is the story form.

    6. ) In 2016, I’ve seen that Google and other search engines are paying lots of attention to the social shares. People generally gets excited by the number of shares the article has got because they know that if the brand has X amount of shares so obviously many people endorse your content indeed the content is worth reading. I believe that this one will be the key metric in the future of content marketing.

    7.) Computer Vision can greatly help by facilitating the development of real-time focus groups. I read about an app called Affectiva which can read the emotions of people in real time and track their facial expressions.

    To assimilate, I would say testing is the most important thing in the field of marketing and that decides the success of your content strategy. It is a continuous process of trial, error, and optimization.

  2. Content Marketing is necessary step for improving/growing the brand presence on different channels like other fields which we used like SEM, SEO, Video Ads, FB Ads etc for reaching out to users, prospects and leads. But now a days Video Marketing and In-Game Marketing is going viral among publishers. So in order to achieve the best solution we should try complete marketing mix.

  3. Some websites and apps transfer our browsing history to some marketing websites. So use different website don’t use adblock or such softwares and go an anonymous

  4. I think content has its own unique value to each one of us. What is content and whats next ? I guess the answer lies in personalization and personal needs and choices , whatever form it takes be it video, info graphic or pictorial. Video with animated characters might get its attention to the younger audience and an info graphic is much suitable for a marketer. So it’s all about making INTERESTING PROBLEM SOLVING PERSONALIZED CONTENT whatever form it takes. I guess marketers need to produce content which is more personalized & interesting and again answering which how to decide which form? This can be easily answered by the past engagement levels of the audience (What kind of posts they like etc.). So in all in my view Future of content marketing is not in videos or pictures, it lies in personalization, need solving and interesting content to EACH of its target audience.

  5. First and foremost question which we need to answer is what exactly is content marketing?
    Content Marketing is not just a simple marketing strategy based on upload of a content for a particular product, it requires research and analysis of cookies and e-trail each and every consumer has left behind during his/her online activities from their every device, after analysis a particular strategy needs to be devised based on the consumer behavior and providing them with the products in the sidelines during their next online activities, Content marketing is not something which can be acheived overnight, we need to take into the account the possibilities of IOT (Internet Of Things), with this blooming technology where every movement can be tracked on the basis of information provided by the devices over clound, marketing strategies can be devised for each consumer differently and effectively.
    Yes, there is an issue of softwares which block the ads based on content, but paid ads over at multiple domains is something they cannot block, taking advantage of that the ads can be presented strategically. Considering Video format, it is another part of marketing but it does take a lot of effort to create one, nevertheless considering video marketing over the apps has increased a lot over a years I would say it is one good platform, but thinking about the usage of data, Content is simple and people prefer to see simple content based ads as it doesn’t take up a lot of bandwidth and doesn’t use a lot of data, but that is just me.

    In conclusion, A successful Content Marketing campaign is not something which can be acheived just by devising content strategy, it needs to follow and go in hand with the analytics. Once the bridge between these two has been shortened, a successful campaign is ready to be deployed.

  6. Content marketing, like any other field, is in a constant state of development. With the market expanding to even the farthest corners of the planet, companies cannot expect to succeed if their approach to marketing and sales remains reactive instead of proactive. The social media explosion has had a remarkable effect on marketing. It has given smaller companies an a platform where they can compete with the big dogs of the industry on an equal footing.
    But the next gen is moving on from the marketing practices that ruled up till a few years ago. With the attention spans as short as they are now, written articles are hardly effective. Video is the new king. And this is not just my opinion but also that of top marketing strategists around the world.
    At the pace technology is progressing these days, in a few even simple videos will go out of fashion. What’s next will be live streaming and interactive content, which has popped up only recently. That’s why content marketers need to look ahead and not just follow the ‘if it aint broke, it dont need fixing’ strategy. Newer and more attractive methods need to be adopted and mastered if companies want to gain an edge over their competition.

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